Nature strategy

Nature Strategy for Le Haut Genet

We have decided to build on the beautiful rural position of LHG and enhance the opportunities to encourage wildlife to nest/hang around.

    1. Plant crab apple, rowan, hawthorn, dog rose, ivy, and honeysuckle

    2. Do not cut right up to the boundaries – leave a small section of wild grass/weeds/etc

    3. Compost kitchen waste, wood burner ash, and some rotting wood

    4. Sow native wild flowers

    5. Do not cut the lawn behind the wooden barn too low to encourage beetles etc

    6. Install small pond to encourage frogs, toads, and provide water supply for birds and animals

    7. Ensure wildlife access ways round the garden.

    8. Install 6 bird boxes

    9. Install 1 bat box

    10. Install 1 bee/ladybird house

    11. Install hedgehog shelter

    12. Minimise/eliminate the use of chemicals in the garden