Travel options

Le Haut Genet lies on the Normandy/Brittany/Mayenne border in North West France. We are happy to discuss possible travel options with you.
Remember, if you wish to ride down and fly your pillion out to Dinard or Tours with Ryanair we can collect (for a fee)
The travel options are as follows:-
  •  Portsmouth to Caen conventional ferry, 5 hours 45 mins
  •  Portsmouth to Caen high speed catermaran, 3 hours 15 mins
  •  Portsmouth/Poole to Cherbourg high speed catermaran, 3 hours
  •  Portsmouth to Saint Malo conventional ferry, 11 hours
LD Lines
  •  Portsmouth to Le Havre high speed catermaran, 3 hours 30 mins
  •  Portsmouth to Le Havre conventional ferry, 8 hours
  •  Newhaven to Dieppe conventional ferry, 4 hours
  •  Dover to Calais conventional ferry 1.5 hours
  •  Dover to Calais conventional ferry, 1 hour 30 mins
Norfolk Line
  •  Dover to Dunkirk conventional ferry, 2 hours
Price comparison of different ferries

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  •  Stansted or East Midlands to Dinard cheap flights (nearest) 
  •  Manchester or Stansted to Tours cheap flights 
Mileage Chart
 from          to  miles  time  tolls Euros
 Caen  Landivy  87  1 hour 45 mins   nil
 Cherbourg  Landivy  118  2 hours 35 mins  nil
 Le Havre  Landivy  146  2 hours 40 mins  7
 Dieppe  Landivy  203  3 hours 40 mins  12
 Boulogne  Landivy  282  4 hours 40 mins  22
 Calais  Landivy  302  5 hours  22
 Dunkirk  Landivy  329  5 hours 20 mins  22
the cheapest fares are on the short crossings. Bear in mind the additional fuel and motorway tolls on the longer journey if you are trying
to get the cheapest option. Remember the short crossings do not let you get much rest on the boat. We do all the crossings dependant
on best deal.