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May 2013

LHG Menu 25 May – 30 May 2013

Saturday 25 May

Bacon + crouton salad

Steak and Ale pie, mash, leeks, peas

Fruit pie and ice cream

Cheese and rustic bread

white wine or lager

Coffee and chocolate


Sunday 26 May


Eggs wrapped in bacon, toast, baked beans


Crudités and dips

Chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with sausage meat,

Chocolate mouse with ice cream, spray cream, 100/1000’s, chocolate sauce

Cheese and biscuits

White wine

Coffee and amaretti biscuit



Monday 27 May

Bacon and parsley hot cakes with poached egg, sausage, and toast

Kir royale

Stuffed peppers

Boeuf Bourginon, potato and onion pie, carrots, broccoli

Summer pudding and sorbet

Cheese and rolls with green salad

White wine or lager or ale

Coffee and Calva


Tuesday 28 May


Continental breakfast – croissants, brioche, fruit, yoghurt


Grilled courgettes with cheese

Chicken Korma, cumin encrusted vegetables, Pilau rice

Grilled bananas with ice cream and Chantilly (and brandy?)

Cheese and bread

Lager, ale or cider

Coffee and chocolate 


Wednesday 29 May

Poached egg on toast with sausage and tomato


Ham and melon on a bed of salad

Coq au vin, rice, mangetout, crusty bread

Ginger nut and cream ring

Cheese with grapes

White wine or lager or ale



Thursday 30 May

04.30 breakfast - toast and coffee!!!

June 2012
Sat 2/6
Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes with green salad and vinagerette
Escalope de porc with onions, carrots, haricot vert, baked potato
Gaillac white wine
Sun 3/6 
Crab sticks and traditional microbrewery ales
Coquilles saint Jaques
Dorada fish with roast vegetables and pasta
Apple crumble and ice cream
Bergerac white wine
Mon 4/6
Pate, green salad, toast
Chicken paprika with onions and peppers, brown rice, courgettes and haricot vert
Eves pudding and ice cream
Rose wine
May week 2
Mon 21/5
Apple cocktails with salami
Chicken breast wrapped in bacon/ham with sausage meat stuffing, roasted leeks, carrots, onions, peppers,  potatoes
Eves pudding and apple sorbet
White wine/beer
Tues 22/5
Bacon and crouton salad
Salmon steaks (parcels with lemon juice/dry sherry/dark soy sauce), haricot vert, carrots, pasta
BBQ bananas and lemon sorbet
White wine/beer
Wed 23/5
Avocado sorbet
Spaghetti bolognaise
Rhubarb crumble with apple sorbet
Red wine/beer
Thurs 24/5   BBQ  21 deg C
Stuffed peppers with green salad and grape tomatoes
Courgettes and mushrooms  with cheese
Chicken in rosemary, steak hache, sausage, roast vegetables
Fresh fruit salad
White wine/beer
Fri 25/5
Melon and ham salad
Mashed potatoes and lamb stew
Apricot and almond flan with sorbet
Red wine/beer